Blluefish — the bane of many anglers but a sought-after target for others — are finally starting to establish themselves in the now warmer local waters.  Horseshoe and the other Nantucket Sound shoals are holding good numbers of 4 to 6-lb blues. A traditional Rebel or Bomber trolled behind a boat will lead to frequent hook-ups.  Smaller blues are also being found throughout Buzzards Bay.

Striped bass fishing has slowed, as it usually does in late July and August. First light and night fishing are the best times to target bass, whether you’re in a boat or on the beach.

An unusally large number of sandbar (aka brown) sharks have taken up residence in the local waters.  They’re protected by federal regulations but anglers chunking for bass are hooking up regularly with sharks in the 200 to 300-lb range — and resulting in more than a few broken rods.  Reminder: should you inadvertently hook brown shark, it must be released as quickly as possible.

Bonito are still being trolled up out by the Hooter but have yet to invade Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds.  It’s probably only a matter of days until that fishery breaks out.