They should have been here weeks ago but the false albacore have arrived — from Waquoit Bay east all the way down along the Elizabeth Islands.  At various times there are been dozens of pods working off Falmouth Harbor, the entrance to Waquoit Bay, off Nobska Point, inside Wood Hole and all the way down to Quicks and Robinsons holes. Beyond the Falmouth waters the funny fish have surrounded the Vineyard and Nantucket and are speeding into the west end of the Canal.

Lures of choice are the traditional ones: Hogy Epoxy Jigs, Daddy Mac jigs, Albie Snax and Deadly Dicks.  For those who prefer to troll, the Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow Deep Diver is the plug of choice.

The only bad news with the arrival of albies is they have crowded out the bonito which for weeks had been relatively plentiful in the local waters.

In other fishing news, the black sea bass season is closed (although anglers continue to catch them by every method) and fluke season will end September 23.  Striped bass are always open but they have been hard to come by in Nantucket and Vineyard Sounds.  The best approach has been live eels fished at night or during low light conditions.  But if stripers are your goal, your best bet is the Cape Cod Canal.  You may have missed the epic blitzes of several weeks ago but the canal still holds bait and bass.