There are still striped bass and tautog around (not to mention false albacore just a week ago) but most anglers have pulled their boats and packed away their gear for the winter.

As in recent years, the best fishing was from early May through most of June. The fabled fall migration of decades past did not live up to its reputation — with the exception of the fish that travel through the Cape Cod Canal. Stripers going around the Cape seem to stay offshore, probably chasing schools of sea herring.

Bluefish fans had an on and off season. Big blues arrived early and then disappeared until mid to late summer. The spring bluefish run along the south-facing beaches failed to take off.

In a continuing trend, fishing for black sea bass was superb.  At times, it was hard to limit out on sea bass on every trip. The only complaint was the season ended “early” in August.

For the next several weeks, the best fishing probably will be in the freshwater ponds for trout and bass that are feeding heavily before winter sets in.

This will be the final report for 2017, and check back next spring for a new season of Cape fishing.