Service & Repairs
Welcome! Does your rod have a broken tip, or any broken guides? If it does then bring it by, and we'll repair it for you so you can be back out fishing. A tip repair only takes a couple of minutes, and a guide repair usually takes 1 to 3 days.

Our skilled staff can fix most anything. Are your reels in need of a good cleaning? Are your reels covered with salt and oxidation? If they are, then we have a solution. Bring in your dirty reels, and for $5.00 you can have us "dip" them in our Ultrasonic Cleaner. This cleaner will remove just about all the salt and oxidation inside and out. Be aware that this "dip" will not remove grease, or will not lubricate your reel at all. For a complete Clean and Grease, you will have to leave the reels with us. A complete Clean and Grease job includes your reel being "dipped", as well as a total re-greasing. Prices do not include any additional, or broken parts needed.

When your line gets old, or low on the spool, stop by, and let us strip off the old line, and put some fresh new line on. In a matter of only a few minutes, you'll be ready for another day of fishing. Prices of line vary, and all line is sold by the yard.